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Is it just chamber music or is it math?

Kid Scene

This new article by Kerry Klein in Science journal sheds new light on the beauty and imperfection of ‘human’ music making versus computer generated music. Revealing fascinating evidence that, “musicians playing a duet don’t just make beautiful music—they make beautiful math.” Klein’s study states that ‘duetting’ musicians are linked not only by their rhythmic imperfections… 

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Mozart’s Clever Clues: did he do it??

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What a great time we had on Tuesday night with the dramatic retelling of Mozart’s Piano Quartet in g minor by Bruce Adolphe. He led us through the first movement as a criminal murder trial, following the opening motif throughout. We learned how Mozart geniously takes this famous opening that I’ve always known as, “Answer the telephone” or… 

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KRFC Interview

Naomi Ben

Yesterday I went into the KRFC radio station with my daughter, Naomi, and her good friend, Ben. They’re both in 4th grade, a year apart in age, and great matches for one another in their ability and love of music. Particularly the violin. But the thing I really learned was just how deeply they feel… 

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