New Note from Postcard Prose


Douglas Penick joins us this summer during OFF the HOOK,  as part of our In the Zone: with Music In Mind Symposium. A former research associate at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and at The Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies. He wrote the National Film Board of Canada’s award-winning two-part series on the… 

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What Playing A Musical Instrument Does To Your Brain

A boutique mob 4

This TedEd, Lessons Worth Sharing, video puts the specific cognitive benefits or “shower of fireworks going off in your brain” when playing an instrument into an easy to follow and perfectly clear, animated video. I’ve heard the message many times but this really broke it down in a highly accessible way. The biggest, striking difference for me was… 

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Human Rights Orchestra

Human Rights Orch

There are many projects Bruce Adolphe is involved with around the world. I think this is one of the most meaningful. It speaks to the underlying connection that music brings between cultures, countries and shared human experience. Listen to music played with pure emotional expression by people who still deeply feel the idealistic message that music… 

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Coming soon, Miami String Quartet Master Class

PYCh Masterclass with the Miami String Quartet

The rumors are true:  Miami String Quartet is coming to Fort Collins, Colorado! Known as a highly acclaimed, internationally recognized, and award winning string quartet, PYCh is proud to announce featured guests, Miami String Quartet, in our fourth annual OFF the HOOK Chamber Music Festival.  Opening the festival, in a week’s residency, we are honored… 

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